Seeking the perfect athlete

Documentary film I 2015 I 52’ I Directed by Benoît Laborde

Scientists have proven that high-performance athletes have superior mental faculties in the midbrain. Psycho-cognitive training is today used in certain big clubs and Olympic teams to push their performance further. Studies have today shown their effectiveness.
In contrast to most documentaries on sports, the film À la recherche du sportif parfait [Seeking the perfect athlete] is not content to present the biographies of champions and the celebration of their performances: it analyses, deciphers and dissects sports situations to progressively reveal what goes on in the minds of athletes when they accomplish their exploits.

Screening + Discussion with
Claude Delpuech, INSERM Engineer, in charge of magneto-encephalography (MEG) at the Claude-Bernard University Lyon 1. He is conducting some experiments on sports people.
Jean-Philippe Lachaux, INSERM Research Director at the Institute of Neuroscience of Lyon Author of a popular work entitled Le Cerveau attentif. Contrôle, maîtrise et lâcher-prise [The attentive mind. Control, mastery and letting go], he concentrates his work on the cerebral mechanisms that govern attention. He recently developed a wide-ranging project to study the mechanisms of attention of young students and today wishes to extend the experiment among high-level sports people.
Nathalie Janvier, Coach for the women’s national rugby team (present only on February 16)
Participation in professional sports.

Musée des Confluences

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