Qudus Onikeku

From September 20 to 25

From September 20 to 25 at 2:00 pm

Can one transform a burdensome memory, buried and suffocating, into a light and gracious object? How does one discuss one’s injuries when there are no words to describe them and when all that remains is a body marked by a suppressed memory? During this residency, the public will discover the artists at work in order to better understand the creation processes of Qudus Onikeku. His research is based on testimonials collected in workshops with amateurs. The choreographer transmits to the public and analyses extracts from his creation We almost forgot. As always, the artist, who was trained at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, blends his Yoruba culture with his European culture, the circus, dance, music and story-telling with intelligence and poetry.

In partnership with the Dance Biennale

Musée des Confluences

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