Metaphysics of the body

Bernard Andrieu, Marie Bacqué-Juston, Béatrice Galinon-Melenec, Axel Guioux, Jean-Philippe Pierron

How does one gain an understanding of the human body? Our approach does not lie in what science (physical, biology, medicine) today claims to know about the body, nor in the cultural representations around it: is it possible to gain an understanding from the sensitive experience of the body?

In a context of questioning by science of the legitimacy of osteopathy, Chinese traditional medicine and various practices on the body, this study day features the different approaches to understanding the human body. The objective is to reconcile and confront these practices to better comprehend the hypotheses on which they are based.

Bernard Andrieu, Professor of Philosophy, Paris Descartes University
Marie Baqué-Juston, Doctor of Medicine, Observatory of Non-conventional Medicine, Nice
Béatrice Galinon-Melenec, Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, University of Le Havre, Director of the E. Laboratory Human Trace CS DC UNESCO
Axel Guioux, Lecturer in Anthropology, Lumière University Lyon 2
Alain Morey, osteopath, traditional Chinese medicine, Cuiseaux
Jean-Philippe Pierron, Professor of Philosophy, Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 University
Isabelle Queval, Lecturer in science of education, Paris Descartes University

Co-animated by Fabienne Martin-Juchat, Professor of information and communication science, GRESEC, University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and Thierry Ménissier, Professor of Philosophy, PPL (Philosophy, practices and languages), UGA.

Musée des Confluences

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