Mass for the Present Time & big remix

Maurice Béjart & Hervé Robbe

In 1967 Maurice Béjart presented Messe pour le temps présent [Mass for the Present Time] at the Festival d’Avignon and pushed the spectators: dancers in jeans, aerial movements and the electronic music of Pierre Henry which tore down the barriers among symphonic music, jazz, music research and variety. A major event in the history of dance and music, to which Pierre Henry and the choreographer Hervé Robbe today provide an extension with the assistance of students of the École Supérieure du CNDC in Angers.

Over a 2015 remix of the initial musical score, Hervé Robbe composed a dynamic choreography, frontal and pulsating, a mirror of that of Béjart. Two visions of youth with an interval of 50 years and a programme of anthologies to celebrate the beginning of the exhibition Rebel Bodies.



Artistic Director for the company: Robert Swinston
Dancers: Maxime Aubert, Yohann Baran, Amandine Brun, Auranne Brunet-Manquat, Pauline Dassac, Julien Derradj, Nolwenn Ferry, Lara Gouix, Agata Jarosova, Alice Lada, Juan Pablo Landazuri, Theo Le Bruman, Charlotte Louvel, Kevin Martial, Jose Meireles, Victoria Pignato, Pauline Sonnic, Jeanne Stuart, Anais Vignon, Jiaqi Wu
Music: Pierre Henry
Costume creation: Anne Poupelin
Lighting design: François Maillot

Musée des Confluences

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