Sport : what are the body’s limits?

Adrien Duvillard & Alessandro Farne

Sports are good for your health. However, high-performance sportsmen often push their bodies to the limit. How can research help them? The definition of the progression rules, studies on motor skills and balance, understanding of the cerebral processes in sports performance – nothing is neglected, for them and for us all.

This is a presentation in full-duplex mode by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris and the musée des Confluences in Lyon.

In order to promote dialogue between science and society, since 2012, Inserm and Universcience have been offering the lecture series “Health through questions”.


Adrien Duvillard, a high performance sportsman in alpine skiing and a specialist in speed skiing,
Alessandro Farne, Inserm Research Director at the Institute of Neuroscience of Lyon

Musée des Confluences

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