AHC – Albertine, Hector and Charles

Denis Plassard, Émilie Valantin

A choreography about hell for three puppets by Emilie Valantin, three body manipulators and three voices from the abyss. A.H.C. Animation des Humains Condamnés [A.D. Animation of the Damned]

AHC is a contemporary choreographical creation for three puppets. Albertine, Hector et Charles awake in hell, reincarnated as inert dummies. The three wretches are taken in by six demons (three dancer- manipulators and three voices).
Just as in Dante’s Inferno, they are subject to punishments that are personalised and adapted to the sins that led them there: the pretentious must dance on their heads, while separated couples must ceaselessly face each other in a manipulated waltz…
The nine infernal circles (nine successive punishments) are bathed in a cavernous light to the sound of the bewitching trances of two demonic beatboxers and a devilish female singer.
AHC is a three-dimensional play on manipulation. The layouts and levels of interpretation are superimposed to create infernal illusions, substitutes for manipulated lives: demons swarm, the dead come to life, the wretched contort and hell continues…

Onyx Theatre coproduction, government-subsidised dance theatre of Saint-Herblain, Dance Biennal of Lyon 2016 and Compagnie Propos, with the support of Adami.


Denis Plassard, design, choreography and staging
Émilie Valantin, puppets
Sonia Delbost-Henry, Annette Labry, Denis Plassard, dancers, manipulators
Florent Clergial, Nicolas Giemza, Jessica Martin-Maresco, voice (interpretation and composition)
Dominique Ryo, lights
Éric Dutriévoz, stage management and sound
Julie Lascoumes, costumes
Emmeline Beaussier, accessories
Xavier Gresse, coach

Musée des Confluences

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